About Us

Welcome to the CDM Alumni Association, a platform for alumni from all over the world to network with each other, socially and professionally.

The CDM Alumni Association, established in 2016, is committed to fostering a climate of inclusion all stakeholders. With over thousand of alumni living across the world, a network comprises of students, employees, faculties and various professionals are highly encouraged. CDM Alumni are extremely proud of the accomplishments of its alumnae and wishes them to stay connected with their alma mater always.

There is strength in the great diversity of CDM alumni, and CDM future growth rests in the ability to recognize, incorporate, and enhance participation through leadership programs, research, training, services, and publications.

Mission, Vision and Values

CDM Alumni Association is your connection to your classmates, faculties and other alumni. All faculties, graduates of Central Department of Management, and employees are automatically members of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association also provides opportunities for alumni to volunteer their time and talents, regardless of where they live.

Vision Statement

To be a vital partner with Central Department of Managements’ success by having an informed, engaged and active alumni community.

Mission Statement

CDM Alumni Association advances CDMs’ mission to develop the platform of academic excellence by:


Advocacy, collaboration, communication, diversity, excellence, inclusivity, innovation, mentorship and service.

CDM Alumni Association goal

CDM Alumni Association objectives/strategies